Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love

From February till September I don't have any studies.
I decided to cook every monday for my family! Here's the results of every week ^-^

Week 7

I was in the kitchen ALL DAY for this week! I made a lemon pie AND another bread casserole, this time a very different one than last week though! In the kitchen all day? woman moment.

Week 6

You're telling me the Swiss bred this casserole?
My mom said it's alright even if I just make a tosti today.. so I made a bread casserole ! ^-^ was lovely

Week 5

This week I made a lasagna.. but with wraps instead of the standard lasagna sheets.. it took SO LONG to make but it turned out GREAT ^-^


After launching this page I have received complaints in my mail about the naming of this dish. I hereby apologize for all the hurt I have caused by calling it a lasagna. This was never my intention and I will make sure this will never happen again... NOT! >:D

Week 4

nothing of note again for dinner.. BUT I also made a cherry pie :D to be precise a Clafoutis. They're very easy to make!

Week 3

Spagett hi ! I also added carrot in them, even my grandpa ate it and loved it !

Week 2

no photos for this week
it was just a standard meal using stuff we still had in the house, just some meat pototato and vegetables

Week 1

I started the first week simple by making some fun taco's! We barely eat them but I love them so I HAD to make them... I got bullied for putting the lettuce UNDER the meat for my own ones though!