Love you Tut

♥ Dear Tut ♥

♥ Last year we haven't talked much ♥

♥ But I do really wish to stay with you in touch ♥

♥ For a big part of my life you have been my closest friend ♥

♥ And something like that can't just come to an end ♥

♥ On a day like this I would like to take a moment to tell you that I truly appreciate you ♥

♥ And maybe some day we can play a game together or two ♥

♥ I hope to stay in contact with you for a long time, ♥
♥ And maybe the Emma Watson Lovers could get back together sometime. ♥

♥ Dear Tut, ♥
♥♥♥ Have an amazing valentines day ♥♥♥