Love you ZIP

♥ Dear ZIP ♥

♥ Last year I may have left quite abrupt ♥

♥ But I guess today's a nice day to interupt ♥

♥ Being a part of ZIP has given me so many amazing years, ♥

♥ Honestly, how much I grew there personally can still leave me in tears ♥

♥ Without you guys I wouldn't be where I am now ♥

♥ This silly video game turned into my actual life, somehow ♥

♥ I want you all to know that on my study I am doing more than okay ♥

♥ Really, being a true architect, I'm gonna get there some day.. ♥

♥ I hope that ZIP is still doing fine these days, ♥

♥ Seeing people being creative is something that's been inspiring to me, always ♥

♥ Sadly, I got no plans for a return ♥

♥ But please, have no concern ♥

♥ I wish you all the best of luck, genuinely ♥

♥ Each and every one of you shaped my life as much as I hopefully helped to shape yours, definitely ♥

♥ Dear ZIP, stay cool ♥
♥♥♥ Have an amazing valentines day ♥♥♥