Queen - We Are The Champions

Please take a moment of silence for our losses...

The first Amogus who bravely died in the rocox incident..

His son. Amogus Jr

The brave couple who showed us there can still be love in war

Our brother at the other side of the void

While not an amogi, it's still sad Hanora's H and heart did not make it on the final canvas. So close..

Ika is a mural made at r/place right at the start of the 2nd expansion by a small friend group, just to see how long it would last. While having expected to not even be able to finish it, miraculously we managed to survive till the very end, surviving streamers building right on top of us, multiple void-spawns and many, many micro wars. We made alliances with FICSIT, CTU and The Meat Men, and r/place ended just when we were all planning to create a flag to celebrate our alliance.

Many members of IKA now suffer from Place Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and the next time someone suggests to build something on r/place we are just going to play minecraft instead. Never again.