Kin-Iro Mosaic - JUMPING!!

December 2022 - lot of pressure lot of love

happy 2023! time to reflect on december, a month where I nearly succumbd under uni pressure

- Made a bob ross painting together with my bbgff! was a lot of fun ^^ - I fixed the guestbook which broke bc of a neocities change to url's
- I worked extremely hard on the design project, I like what I made but man was it a lot of work
- I wrote another essay for the other subject
- I sketched the recape in my sketchbook.. now i need to make a recap for the recap - I ported over a LOT more old dreams to my new dream journal, im now at 2018 - Finished the dark shades of the mountain, starting on the greens and browns now

November 2022 - :(

The last 1.5 months have been incredibly rough. Thus no update last month. Here's a recap of what I did do in that time

- I finished the study projects in a group of 10, they were very supportive for my situation to help me through it
- Started new study projects. Designing a music building in Delft and
- Writing 3 papers about the design process
- Made a cute chibi drawing of me, made christmas version later
- Designed and built a wooden lasercut puzzle gift for my niece who got born last month
- Finished the paintings of grandparents. Ended up very emotional but I'm glad I atleast finished them before that
- I'm now catching up on sketches I didn't make the last 1.5 months in a big recap
- Minecraft mountain is going great. Working on the dark shades now

September 2022 - Back to studying and CybeeZ baby! :D

Study has begun again and I just finished the first month of my 4th year! Here's the fun stuff I've been up to ^^

- Started a new design subject for my study, reworking an area in the south-west area of The Hague, I chose to focus on the topic Landscape Architecture
- Another subject is more theory focused, first exam in like 1.5 years o.o'
- CYBEEZ are coming along SO GOOD, the BEST thing that's ever going to happen to my site!!!
- NEW NEW NEW painting is ALMOST finished, study made it hard to finish it but it should be just 1 more day of painting!
- Not many sketches this month D:
- Lots of progress on my minecraft mountain! Most of the snowy peaks are textured ^^

August 2022 - byeee summer break cya next year!

Summer break came to an end! The start of September is the start of my new study year. Here's what I managed to work on during my 2nd break month ^^

- NEW NEW painting FINISHED! It's a portrait of my grandpa, he's yet to see it
- NEW NEW NEW painting STARTED! :OO Painting of my grandma! It's about halfway done now, I hope to finish it soon
- NEW WEBSTORY!!! I got a new idea for a webstory and made it within 2 days. You can play it on my site right now!!
- Been gathering and porting over a lott of my dreams I wrote down at differnt places over the year, for this new ultimate journal
- Just a few, but really nice journals sketched :3c quality over quantity
- Been texturing at my minecraft mountain, going well so far but not much work done yet
- I've been working at a beachclub this month, not a project per se but it was fun ^^

July 2022 - Paaintinggg Awayyy!!!!!

First month of the summer break!! Spent 2 weeks of it making a new painting which turned out so cool! I'll add it soon to my page!... And I already started a new painting too!!! That's for next month to finish. That and more below!

- NEW PAINTING FINISHED WOOO for my brothers birthday! He loved it ^^
- NEW NEW painting in the works, first time trying portrait painting :o More next month!
- Not much work done on the game this month, just talked with some people about it to get their ideas on it.
- Started a new dream journal, in the process of merging all the dream journals I ever had into this new custom made one.
- Epic sketches, though nog many this month
- no mirror's edge PB still D: I'll get there!
that's just 1/3rd of the full project :) Next up is texturing!

June 2022 - SUMMER BREAK is HERE!! B)

JUNE has come to an end, and with that my summer holidays have started! Time for new projects perhapsss??? :o

- NEW Painting incomming! Currently planning out the details and preparing the canvas, will start on it very soon
- I continued writing and brainstorming on the game, don't expact much from it though, it will be a long while before I'll truly start persuing this one
- I finished all my study projects! Made an AWESOME physical model of the building with lasercutting
- I also helped out making a gift for a wedding using lasercutting, turned out awesome ^^
- Been sketching away ^^
- I tried to do more Mirror's Edge runs but no new PB since last month :c
- The mountain shape is SO CLOSE to done it's unbelievable...

May 2022 - gOD Help I'm so busy.. oh and COVID!!?!

Hey all! It's been quite the month. Very very busy with study projects, basically every day working on it. AND I got covid this month for the first time which didn't help either. Anyways here's what I've been up to

- NEW GAME IDEA!! Busy writing the whole story now on a big giant mindmap thing. A game where you listen to the radio and travel through time to solve puzzles and listen to sick beats!
- I am still very busy on my design project in Amersfoort, working out the details of a specific building now
- I JUST finished the other study project.. gotta say.. I still don't understand what it was about.. but it's done!
- Not many sketchbook entries happened but they're still there
- I picked up Mirror's Edge speedrunning again and got a new Personal Best of 48:05, putting me at spot #222 on the leaderboard!
- I drew the final CybeeZ!! Now I just gotta make the music and everything and it'll finally be done!!
- More minecraftonline mountain progress!

April 2022 - BACK to my STUDY lets GOOOOOO!!!

It's the end of April! Lovely month, had my birthday and had a lot of fun on two MASTERPIECES of new games that came out this month, both of which I had been waiting for for 3 years now!! worth it!!!!!
These are the projects I was busy with this month!

- I finished my project for the Global Goals Delft! Or atleast my part on it
- A new study project has started, redesigning a part of the city of Amersfoort
- Another study project that has to do with laws and stuff... I honestly got no clue what this subject will even end up being yet.. vague shit so far
- More sketchbook entries! They're so cool ^^
- Dunno if this is a project but I spent over 50 hours on the new Lego Star Wars game..
- On MinecraftOnline I continued working on my mountain, although not as much as last month. It's coming along nicely!

March 2022 - Sketchbook Journal amazing page :)

Another month another post. It's been another month with no study going on. This is what I've been up to!

- I was busy coding a new page for this site! The sketchbook/journal page is one of my favorite pages yet!! My first time writing JS myself (I hate js now >:c )
- The global goals project is going well, really seeing places you normally would never visit, a lot of fun!
- On MinecraftOnline I started constructing my ginormous mountain site behind my base. Just the simple outline is like 20 stacks of stone, The shape is halfway done now!
- I drew some new cool journal entries, very glad that I started this <3

February 2022 - Guitar Project IS DONE?!? :O

It's the end of the month.. already..? you know what that means... Time to write a new entry like this girl doe s
No study this month! Focused on other projects and I also got 2 new jobs, one of these being a new project.

- My guitar is DONE!!! I'll post pictures soon it's AWESOME!! :D
- The exhibition for my study got completed and was active this month, really fun stuff!
- As a job I started working on a new exhibtion for the Global Goals Delft, exciting!
- This site didn't see much progress, that's a thing I will try to focus on again next month.
- On MinecraftOnline I started working on a recreation of Battersea Powerstation. ^^
- I made some new journal entries. The page for these will be finished soon I hope.

January 2022 - I GOT MY OWN EXHIBITION!!!! :D

The month is over once again! It's time to reflect on the things I've been working on and the things I got ahead of me. This month was mostly the end of my minor Spaces of Display, at which we built a real exhibition for the Science Center of Delft. From now on I got a lot more free time besides my study to work on other projects

- I started a new project! For a week now I am having a sketchbook / journal type thing which I make little sketches in and reflect on the days, I'll share more about that sooon!

- I never did work on my guitar project,,, I just am stuck at the final stretch, it's all finished but it's unplayable because the neck is a tad too long and I just need to decide how to fix it. it NEEDS to be finished by the end of this break I have. That's decided.

- For my study, we had to each present a proposal for an actual exhibition we could build for the Science Center of Delft during the lockdown. My proposal won! The 2 weeks after that we were very busy fully designing and building it and it's open right now! Outside because of the lockdown, and also available online. Really proud of what we managed to make!!!!

- On this site I'm working on a new page, the layout is done but I still need to make the actual script to get it to work, it'd be a really cool page I can tell you that!

- On MinecraftOnline I have been asked by the mods to help them out with designing and building the new donor isles, which is going really well! This means that my big storage area is put on hold, even though that's turning out nicely too!

December 2021 - Dog Painting is DONE!!!

It's time for another month to catch up with what I've been doing! This month my main focus was my architecture study. Soon I will have quite some free time so I hope I can get more done on the other projects by then, this would be around February!

- My guitar project didn't get more progress, but I hope to put work into that the coming weeks.
- I FINISHED THE PAINTING OF MY DOGS! I love it so much! And my mom loved it too!!! it was a gift for her birthday.
- As for my study I finished the fictional exhibition I was designing and I presented it last week. Most of my time this month went into this. Next month we will make an actual real world exhibition about all the exhibitions made during this subject!!!
- On this site I wrote a new blog post, and I hope to make the final few Cybeez so I can move on with that. I also want to make a review page.
- On minecraftonline I continued decorating the outside of my base, and I am now making a new big storage system for myself, trying to make it to look pretty aswell. ^-^

November 2021 - NEW PROJECT DIARY!!!!!!!

Today I decided to create my project diary, inspired by Rody Wall's HypnOS & Hypnospace Project Diary inside of the game Hypnospace Outlaw. It will basically be a place for small quick updates that don't require me to write an entire blog post, but to still keep track of what I'm doing. It will mostly be just text based.

- Right now I'm working on finishing up my guitar project I started this summer where I'm making my own guitar.
- I'm also working on a new painting of my dogs which is turning out lovely so far.
- For my study I'm working on desiging an exhibition for the Science Center in Delft.
- As for my site I'm still hard at work for making CybeeZ come to life! More will follow..
- Last but not least I am spending a lot of time on the minecraftonline server, creating a large beautiful base and I just finished some bridges connecting me to a big city near the world border.

I will try to write these once a month, so I'll see you next month!!