Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear The Reaper

L' Osteria Hawaian Pizza

So I would like to start of this review by saying that I am NOT a criminal for ordering a pizza with pineapple okay? I actually WANTED to order a pizza with grounded meat but guess what? They didn't have one, so WHAT ELSE was I supposed to do huh? HUH? And for a pizza with pineapple it barely even had any pineapple, so you can't even complain!!!!! The pizza overall was fine, but the pizza to plate ratio was OFF THE CHARTS!! This pizza was double the size of the entire plate! I am honestly surrpised I was able to finish this thing, but I did! I'm a big girl I finish my plates! and YES I ate the crust too I am NOT one of those fools who wastes them so STOP complaining to me already!!

Overall I give this pizza three and a half crabs.

Rony Roller Circus playing Megalovania in front of the Pope

This has GOT to be the MOST CHAOTIC performance I've EVER seen and NOT in a good way. Megalovania is the LEAST of my questions. This performance has NO synchronization, everyone is just doing their own NOT THAT IMPRESSIVE act isolated from each other simultaniously. It almost feels like a contest where everyone is DESPERATELY trying to get the pope's attention AT THE SAME TIME and it does NOT work. There are MULTIPLE people just throwing balls on the ground??? but not even in sync with each other, they just both throw balls???? The camera man can't stop filming this single woman rotating some tube and then IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL THIS MESS some RANDOM person decides to demand attention to themselves by riding a bike STRAIGHT THROUGH EVERYONE'S ACTS?!?!?!

I give this performance ZERO CRABS and TWO crocodiles out of SPITE.

Cat Mario

For a game called Cat Mario my beloved red suited plumber is nowhere to be seen. The game proves to be of a higher difficulty than its predecessor which makes Cat Mario a worthy sequel to the Super Mario Bros. 1985 and a strong member in the Super Mario franchise. I haven't been able to get past level two which means I can't give a full opinion on the game yet.

Despite this I rate this game three crabs.