Pink Floyd - What Do You Want From Me?

Why does your site look so rediculously bad?

A reason why I'm a fan of the unlimitted self expression of the old internet is that I have never met people so genuine as here online. There just is no more personal way to show yourself than this. Everything you see on someone's site, literally everything, has been made consciously from scratch, everyone starts with simply a white page. This is no Facebook where you just fill in 3 boxes with a photo and let the rest of the site do stuff for you, and where because of those limitations people try to show themselves as best and fake as possible all the time. In these places you see people like you won't see them anywhere else, when I'm doing visiting someone's site I actually feel like I know them on a level you wouldn't get to know them otherwise. Meeting genuine people became surprisingly difficult when social media became a thing.

What do you intend to add to this website in the future?

I will keep updating it with new projects in my art section. Other than that I will start to create webstories which will be amazing little browser point and click style games. Ofcourse I will also just add whatever I randomly think of making whenever I feel like it, that's how this site came into existence in the first place.

Wow you're so cool! Where can I buy your autograph please?

Due to the overwhelming amount of this question being asked my fan shop has closed.

Do you have a question left unanswered? :o

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