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Name: Lieke Postma
Age: 23
Sign: ♉︎
Gender: ♀
House: Hufflepuff

My name is Lieke Postma, and I am a 23-year-old architecture student from The Netherlands

University: TU Delft
Study: Architecture
Ranking: #2 architecture study worldwide 2020

^ it me! c:

I consider myself an artist in every aspect of life. When I was 6 I started playing the guitar, but it wasn't until the summer of 2016 that I started developing more of my other creative skills. I did always had a passion for them before that.

I now paint, draw, write poetry, study architecture, create shitty games and websites, take weird photos and make music

(me on the left)

Even jusy my way of thinking really makes me believe that I got an artistic mind compared to the majority of people. However I don't think I'm better because of this, not at all, if anything I feel worse. I do just really notice that it's there.

Here's me when I got my highschool diploma for the 3rd time

Thank you for reading my website! I hope you enjoy your day as much as me!

If you would like to get in touch with me for questions, feedback, suggestions, pictures of snails or just for a fun chat, feel free to contact me c:

Discord: Frisout#3517