A moment of silence to appreciate the art without distractions

Game design has been a hobby of me ever since 2016, having gone a long diverse way. I started with making walking simulators of dreams, and now I'm making mobile games. Below you will find my work

2019 - Now

Snail Colony is a step up from lizard run. In this game you will collect a ton of differnt snail species and care for them. You can go on expeditions to find new exotic snails and you will spend your time browsing the wacky 90s internet searching for tools to aid your quest to get as much slime as possible.

Sadly, this project is put on a hold now that I'm busy with a lot of other projects, but I will finish it eventually!. It will be another mobile game, stay tuned!

2018 - 2019

Imagine: You are a hungry lizard in the middle of the desert, and your natural enemies are saws. You want to get to the grapefruit since you're hungry. That's lizard run for you.

5 Main Gamemodes - 1 Secret, hidden Gamemode. (The best of them all) 100% ad-free - No Microtransactions - Only 20 MB! - Available Offline

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