Pink Floyd - Learning To Fly

I started taking painting seriously in 2018 for my school's art classes. After that I kept it up as a hobby, though not as actively as I wish to be doing it.

Game design has been a hobby of me ever since 2016, having gone a long diverse way. I started with making walking simulators of dreams, and now I'm making mobile games.

Architecture is what I study. I always knew I wanted to go study something in the creative spectrum but it took quite a while before I settled on this one. I was just absolutely sold when I first visited it.

I play the guitar ever since I was about 7 years old. I also occasionally try the piano but I'm not as skilled in that. Only recently I started practicing being able to sing aswell. ^-^

Poetry might be my most experimental art form. I started on it in 2019 and I didn't do much with it, but I enjoy the few things I did do. I hope to do more in the future

I don't often photograph, but when I do I really try to capture moments like they are. I don't enjoy creating artificial moments for photo's. Capturing the vibe of the moment is the most important to me