A moment of silence to appreciate the art without distractions

Poetry might be my most experimental art form. I started on it in 2019 and I didn't do much with it, but I enjoy the few things I did do. I hope to do more in the future


Good Morning Europe

Clouds rippling like waves as the sun rises over the great Atlantic sea
The sky filled with more cloudy layers than the mind can comprehend

Each layer holding its own beauty if you care long enough to see
Although they will rain down into the ocean of daily life again in the end

In that endless blue forever will the layers' ripples run
For now we're still flying higher than that shimmering sun


Flawed Absence

The lacking of an absence ever bright and flawed and good
Like love without a blush, or white without a brush
Just good as I suppose


The Remarkable Ways of Life

An attempt to make poetry in the style of a music album. Made during a trip to France, being my first serious attempt at poetry.

Side A:
Must Wonder - The Seabed - Lurking

In this instant, with no way to know
Yet must wonder how their story would go
After all, just another machine of steel
But from the core more than ever real

In a world where the waves came to a halt
When what you know is mere water and salt
How long you spent watching nothing but shells
All things considered,
Just can't imagine them true to themselves

Day in day out the bush rolls by
Rarely a basket that noone will buy
And yet, lurking from the alleyway of day
They hide, just ask them to come out and play

Side B:
Knowing - Mere Bird - Rise

Lately, led by numb desire
Letting every spark turn to ash and to fire
Simply watching your antmill pile higher while
This time won't be the same

Mere bird, staring at the sun so grand
Your life leading like a rubber band
The problem never standing in your stand
Locked eyes, fixated, mere bird, rise

When two are throwing around
I merely raise my brow, astouned
So you can see a winner, how?
When life's too long to bother now.